Architecture math requirement

Hello, I am currently a sophomore in high school planning to go to college for architecture. I was doing some research and found out that most universities require calculus as a pre-requisite for their architecture programs, but I will only make it to pre calculus by senior year. Will taking honors pre calculus my senior year put me at a disadvantage during the admissions process, or is only having up to pre calculus enough?

Which colleges require calculus in high school for architecture majors?

If you are in Texas, UT Austin architecture does not list high school course requirements beyond those for the school as a whole:

Neither does University of Houston:

They probably do require that you learn Calculus to go through the Architecture program.

It’s extremely unlikely that they require you learn it in high school. Do you have a link to a school that does?

You’ll just take it as a Freshman, probably along with 50%+ of the other students.


PreCalc is certainly “enough” in that you won’t be disqualified for not having Calc. PreCalc is plenty.

You will be at a disadvantage vs. students who have had Calc, just like you’ll be at an advantage of students who haven’t been through H PreCalc, have lower test scores, etc.

It’s one course of 25+ you’ve probably taken, plus test scores, essays, etc. etc. Every application has relative strengths and weaknesses.

@RichInPitt Maybe I phrased it wrong; many schools recommend that you take calculus classes, but they don’t specifically state that they are required. Auburn and Syracuse state that calculus is recommended but not required-

Yes “require” and “recommend” are very different.

The answer is the same. Students who have Calc will have an advantage in that one area of the application, but it’s not an automatic reject not to have it.

The students who would likely be most disadvantaged by “calculus recommended” are those who complete precalculus in 11th grade (or earlier) and have calculus offered to them, but choose not to take it.

I am a first-year architecture student here at Kansas State University, in the 5-year Masters of Architecture program. K-State doesn’t require you to take calc, although it really wouldn’t hurt for physics later. Instead, we take college algebra and then a physics class tailored specifically to the architecture students. Later in our education we also take structures, which involves mathematics as well. Our physics is algebra-based so calc is not needed. Basically, you take calc in preparation for physics in architecture. You should be okay as long as you think you can juggle both studio and calc-which is a lofty task easier said than done. The only downfall is with some schools they want you to have it done already. You could always take it at community college over the summer which is a great option and much more affordable. Just let them know on your application you will take it in the future and make sure to transfer that transcript if you do. Best of luck! You will love architecture.

Thank you all for your replies! Appreciated