Architecture or Engineering major

<p>Hello. Im currently a high school senior and im confused on whether i should major in architecture or some sort of engineering. Im not a great artist, but im not bad either, will that matter much if im in the architecture major? Ive actually been really intrested in architecture since my freshman year of high school and finally decided to take the class last year. I wouldnt say im even in the top 50% of the architecture students in my school because alot of them have taken the class for 2-3 years already, meaning their porfolios for colleges would be better. Ive talked to my tutor and he said that i shouldnt worry much about it because most high schools dont even have an architecture class and most freshman architecture students would be new to architecture. idk if thats true.
So far i am really intrested in going into college as an architecture major but ive read alot of things online saying that architect students do not get any sleep and dont have a social life. Will doing structural engineering or architectural engineering major be any different?
going back to the art thing, im not really artistic but i think im creative. Im also strong in math and science. And the last reason why im scared to go into architecture is that i heard it has really low pay and that structural/architectural engineers get paid more. But on another website it said that within the next ten years architecture will be growing more rapidly than any other field.
Sorry if that was alot, Ive been doing alot of research and finally decided to post a thread</p>

<p>Alvin, I would not worry much about an architecture class in HS. Many schools do not even accept a portfolio, and those that do generally prefer to see art projects. I tell people that architecture school is more like a cult than a major. The goal in the first year is to tear down your belief systems about architecture and design, and then rebuild it to align with their vision of architecture. The lack of sleep, and the open juries to review work are all means of breaking down your old ideas and opening your mind to new ones. So most schools would prefer that you come in with drawing skills but not a lot of architecture work.</p>

<p>How about a social life and sleep? In college I had a great social life, but it revolved around my architecture classmates. When you stay up all night together on a regular basis and share all the hardships of architecture school you develop some deep friendships. However if your vision of a social life is joining a fraternity and going to sorority parties (or vice versa), then architecture school is going to be a challenge.</p>

<p>Nothing wrong with being an architectural engineer, but they do not make more money than architects, and they are suffering the same job losses. When the volume in the industry drops by 30%, everybody involved is going to suffer. If you want better job security as an engineer, go into mechanical or electrical engineering and work for a major company such as GM, or Boeing, or Caterpillar (whoops, they're all getting laid off too ;-).</p>

<p>Good luck,

<p>yea id rather be really close with a small amount of friends than ok with alot of them :]. so studio sounds pretty fun. and my drawings skills are ok. Do you think its too late if I start learning seriously now? All i know is little bits of 1/2/3 point perspective (youtube :]) and i kinda learned shadowing on my own.</p>

<p>Not too late to start, even if it doesn't end up in your portfolio, it will help you in your studies. Keep a sketchbook and force yourself to draw regularly. Your first sketches will be bad, they all are, but stick with it and it will get better. The ability to sketch an idea for for a client (or your boss) is very powerful and with the rise of computers it is becoming increasingly rare.</p>


<p>while i socialize a lot with other archies, i made it a point in my college career to meet other people other than architects so that i could have some sanity and outlet to just get away from it all. i joined 2 sports teams, a sorority, and a couple of clubs, so it can be done!</p>