Architecture program

<p>I was put on a wait list for Architecture. I heard they only accepted about 100 people in this program. Anyone else apply to this major?</p>

<p>yeah me too. wait list.</p>

<p>Joy, Where have you planned to attend Arch school in the meantime?</p>

<p>accepted at the arch school...going to rice.</p>

<p>I'm going to Rensselaer...Good luck to you!</p>

<p>Well for those of you who were waitlisted at Syracuse, maybe it was for the best. Syracuse will be busing all architecture students each way to its downtown building. Thus, you have the daily hassle of waiting for the bus in the cold, taking the bus 10-15 minutes each way and being away from campus. In addition, you will have to put up with the occasional bus breakdowns, accidents, and longer times to get to your destination due to inclement weather. Finally, since most of your class time is off campus, you may not get the same amount of school spirit as if classes were on campus. Check out my post that deals with this, which is found below. Syracuse has posted various letters dealing with situation and on the merits of this new facility and form your own opinion. </p>

<p>I am not sure that having a newly renovated building is worth all this daily hassle.</p>

Thanks for sharing this info. This confirms that I made the right decision. BTW, can you give me a link to your "post below" - I can't find it.
Thanks again.</p>

<p>found it under art and design thread.THX..</p>

<p>yeah. but i think the new building won't be finished until i graduate. so .... </p>

<p>and Accepted in pratt and cal poly, wait listed in barnard and Syracuse. currently applying to CCNY. i don't know where to go yet because money issues and nothing turned out like they were planned. god it gave me such a headache.
that's exactly what happens when u have a mother who doesnÂ’t and can't help you with anything.</p>