Architecture Programs northeast regions

Hello, Can anyone provide information about admission requirements and/or general feedback on some architecture and pre-architecture programs in the northeast? GPA around 3.3, SAT will probably be around 1200. Not looking for large, or overly comepetive schools (ex. Penn State). The programs that we have looked at often state that the admission requirements are are more competitive for the architecture program compared to other programs, so it is hard to tell if they are realistic schools. On our list: Marywood, Kean, University of New Haven, University of Hartford, Roger Williams. Am I missing any? Thanks so much!

My S22 is around the same GPA and we also investigated architecture, but I don’t think he’ll end up going that direction. Anyway… Hobart William Smith came up strong on our radar. Good luck!!

My best friend did Architecture at Norwich University in Vt. She was not into the whole military aspect of it at all but really enjoyed her experience there.

@suzie klein, You’re probably aware that there are several undergraduate options that can eventually lead to a career in architecture.

With an undergraduate professional degree, the bachelor of architecture or BArch the graduate can begin the process of becoming a licensed architect. BArch programs vary widely in admissions selectivity and criteria, and admissions statistics are not commonly published. Generally speaking, admission selectivity to BArch program will reflect the parent university’s selectivity, but other factors can apply such as the program’s reputation and quality of the applicant’s portfolio (if required).

In addition to Marywood, some other BArch programs to research are:
Alfred State
Boston Architectural College
City College Of New York
Thomas Jefferson University
University of Maine

If your daughter is coming at architecture from an art background (and can provide a portfolio) then she might also consider art schools such as RISD or Pratt.

Pre-professional architecture programs encompass a variety of bachelor of arts and bachelor of science degrees, in architecture, architecture studies, design, studio art or other related fields. In most states, in order to become a licensed architect, the BA or BS degree needs to be followed by a Master of Architecture (MArch) degree. There are exceptions.

Most universities that have schools of architecture – Roger Williams, Hartford and Kean for example – offer continuous programs leading from a BS/BA to an MArch. Others such as New Haven  – which do not have their own schools of architecture – would require an MArch from another university. This is commonly done, but may take longer.

For other BA/BS+MArch programs your daughter might also look at
Mass Art
Morgan State
University of Buffalo
University of Maryland
UMass Amherst