Architecture Programs

Hi. My s has been admitted to architecture at Buffalo, Roger Williams, Umass Amherst and Hartford. Any thoughts on best program/experience/internships/jobs? Thanks.

@Jsp12345, Is your son applying to an undergraduate architecture program or to a Master of Architecture? In most states in order to become a licensed architect you need either a Bachelor OF architecture (BArch) or Master of Architecture (BArch). There are exceptions under which it’s possible to become licensed with a Bachelor of science IN architecture, but it’s more complicated and takes longer.

All four schools offer a variety of pre-professional undergraduate Bachelor of science degrees in architecture, in architectural design & technology, in environmental design and in historic preservation. Roger Williams also offers a bachelor of arts and a BFA in architecture. Pre-professional undergraduate programs vary significantly in curriculum and focus, so the the first step would be to study the differences between the programs. Look at the balance between design and structures, study abroad programs, degrees and work experience of the faculty.

All four also offer the MArch, though the time involved to complete it and the cost of attendance will vary. Entry level architecture positions are notoriously underpaid, so you want to analyze the cost of the MArch carefully. Some MArch programs offer need paid aid, but most don’t.

I don’t have any first hand experience with any of these schools of architecture though the firm that my son works for in Boston recruits from Roger Williams and thinks highly of the calibre of its students…

Some questions I would ask would be where their students have landed summer internships and full time jobs after graduation. Also, do most get their MArchs at the same school or do they go elsewhere for their graduate degrees?

Thanks. All four are BS in Arch programs which I know means he will need to complete his MArch, however, some of the schools have stated that he can get through both in 5 1/2 years, which sounds like a better deal than the 5 year BArch programs that he didnt have the grades for. It sounds like a lot of the students stay for the MArch at all four.