Architecture Scholarships

Hello. I was wondering if anyone has experience with scholarships for architecture students. I have seen several, but they are either not for our geographic area or are for students in their 2nd year or beyond.


Every student admitted by Cooper union will have at least a half tuition scholarship…
Syracuse gives out 10 full tuition scholarships every year…SciArc gives out a couple full tuition scholarships also…Pratt gives out some money too…so yes, there are some opportunities. Good luck.

Yes that’s true. My daughter received several scholarships after being admitted. I mean a year later That was super nice.

Some schools give significant scholarships regardless of major, and since arch applicants usually have high SAT/ACT Stats and are creative with a portfolio etc they can be competitive at schools like Tulane, which has the Dean’s honors scholarship which pays full tuition & fees for all 5 years (for BArch students, 4 yrs for other majors)

also Syracuse will give out full and 1/2 tuition scholarships to some applicants of BArch

Yes, that’s true. My daughter received a huge scholarship from Tulane and WashU gave her a very nice FA package because we had multiple children in college. Definitely explore all options. Another option is to try to get a full scholarship undergrad and then get a masters in ARchitecture. My daughter had that option as well. There are definitely many avenues to pursue. My only suggestion is if you chose an Architecture be sure the school has many other majors in case your child dislikes Arch which is common. I believe 50% dropped out of my Daughters Arch school. Architecture is one of the three hardest majors which is med, arch and engineering. It’s not easy!!

Northeastern’s BS in arch offers deans merit scholarships to some who submit portfolios in their admissions package between $5-20k and this is stacked with any other FA or other offers. My D was offered a very generous package at NEU and it has been a fabulous program for her. They have a plus one masters program as well. Scholarships & Financial Awards - Northeastern CAMD