Architecture VS Business

<p>I really really need all of your advice on this one. I want to major in both Arch and Biz but heard that they are both very competitive and most people can't handle both at once. Which one do you think will be more benificial as a career based on the major I will choose in college? My goal is to own my own Arch firm.</p>

<p>Also, can anyone tell me how both of those majors are like at Cal? Just need anything anyone can be kind enough to share. Thanks!</p>

<p>You can get an MBA without getting an undergraduate business degree. My thought would be get your degree in Architecture then get an MBA (of course, make sure you have all the reqs for the school you wish to get an MBA from). But that's just me from what little I know about college, I'm in the same boat as you (incoming freshman, or @ least, I assume you're an incoming freshman... but not a biz or arch major). Anybody with time tested experience want to help out here?</p>


<p>Thanks, yes I was planning to major in arch and then perhaps minor in biz. This seems wise. Thanks for helping me BackToReality, and yes I am an incoming freshman. What are you majoring in?</p>

<p>just to tell you, ucb does not offer a minor in business.</p>

<p>Ya, unfortunately they dropped the minor just recently (sorry to burst your bubble.) Anywho, I'm far and away from Biz and Arch, I'm going to major in Comparative Lit (emphases Japanese and German) and possibly double in Poli Sci (concetrations Public Law/Jurisprudence or International Relations) or Math (Pure or Applied Social Studies). </p>

<p>Like I said before, just make sure you have all the courses that the MBA school wants you to have (if you base it of Haas's reqs, you'll probably be OK elsewhere, except maybe HYPMS).</p>


<p>how do u find out if ucb offers minors in biz or not? (yes i know - look at the website) but please tell me and also what should i do if i cant minor in biz? Major in it later?</p>

<p>"The Haas Undergraduate
Minor Program
As was announced in December 2001, the Haas Minor Program has been phased-out and no minors will be awarded after Summer Sessions 2004. Berkeley undergraduate students who completed all of the requirements by the end of Summer Sessions 2004 and submitted the Minor Petition to the Haas Undergraduate Program Office by the final deadline of September 15, 2004 will be notified in early October, 2004."</p>

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<p>Oh, you might also think about this if money isn't going to be a huge problem...</p>

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<p>It's the summer program for nonbusiness majors. Not a minor persay, but at least you'll get some business knowledge if you want to go on and get an MBA.</p>


<p>thanks BackToReality. But how do u think it would be to finish off most of my arch degree and then start on my mba with some of the prereq's done?</p>

<p>You have to apply to the MBA program, so you'd have to finish the Arch Degree (5 years at Berkeley? It's 5 at other places...) and then apply. The workability issue is beyond my very limited knowledge, I would suggest contacting the undergraduate advisors for architecture and business (if your in the area, visiting in person is an extremely good option, otherwise telephone works (if you're out of school during their office hours) or you can use their email addresses (they're quite prompt in returning messages in my experience, and the professors I met were more than happy to talk with me, though they may not be able to answer a long email, time constrictions you understand)).</p>