Arco/Peterson's Study Guide - Harder than the real thing?

<p>I've been practicing with the Arco/Peterson's study guide for the ACT....and I've been consistently getting around a 26 in English (the grammar section). I got a 26 on that same section three years ago, in eighth grade. I took the SAT and got a 790 in writing (80 on MC). I got in the high 70s on the PSAT. My question is, is the Arco/Peterson's ACT much harder than the actual one? If it isn't, any idea what is going on? Help!</p>

<p>Anyone? Anywhere?</p>

<p>What have you been getting on the other sections on the ARCO?</p>

<p>It's much harder than the real thing. In fact, it's probably the hardest book out of all of the study prep books. (Most unrealistic)</p>

<p>It was the first ACT study book I tried, and I did awful on it. English was my best subject on the ARCO practice test, and I still only got a 27 in it. The free online test on the ACT website will give a much better picture of your actual score...</p>

<p>Toss the ARCO and get a better one is my advice. I think studying with that particular book could actually do more harm than good. The real ACT test is nothing like the practice tests in that book.</p>

<p>mo24, I think you're right. I just took a "Real ACT" practice test and got a 34 on English soo...</p>

<p>Anyway, thanks for the advice! I guess I won't be using that book anymore...</p>

<p>haha wow that's a big deviation. Still, I think if you can score a 32 on the Peterson's, then you're set to get a 36 on the real thing. It can't hurt to practice with harder materials...</p>