Are 10 ap tests enough? Need I take any more?

If I already took 10 ap tests, to list on my common app, should I take more? I’d be taking 2 more classes, AP Art History and Euro History, but I think it would be too much work to study for it. Would it hurt my application if I only submit 10/12 scores for AP exams? Technically I wouldn’t have to report it anyways since there’s only 10 spaces on the common app, right?

Thanks a lot!

Just saw you meant tests so I had to edit everything. The tests are for the most part ignored in admissions. Are you a rising senior? If so the test scores won’t even be available by admissions time.

Ten is plenty. Don’t sweat the other two. Taking the others won’t help you much, if at all.

I’m currently a rising junior. Is reporting 10 ap scores out of 12 ap classes enough? Because technically they wouldn’t know since there’s only 10 spaces on the common app right?

Just because you took 10 ap classes and got 5 on all of them, doesn’t mean your chances are higher than other students who only took one or 3. AP classes are only meant for placement.

That’s not true, from my understanding. AP scores can definitely justify one’s course rigor.

So you’re telling me that if a student didn’t take an Ap course will be rejected??

If you can pay to take more AP tests why not? You will not be able to list more then 10 on CA.

No, but their course rigor would certainly not be as strong as another applicant who took college level classes. Course rigor is an important part of a college application.

You honestly have no logic at all. When did I ever say that a student would get rejected if they didn’t take an AP course? Where did I ever say that? Please stop being ignorant and jumping to random conclusions.


I know people who have taken 10 or more APs and still got rejected to good schools.

I feel as if you are contradicting yourself. Are you asking whether or not to take the tests, or the classes?

You can take ap classes, but if you get 5 on every ap course. Don’t expect to have a higher chance in a college process. AP scores only used for placement

@NASA2014 So? There’s still no logic in your argument.

Taking AP courses demonstrate much stronger course rigor, which is a positive part to improve in your application. However, that won’t make up for terrible SAT’s, a low GPA, terrible essays, terrible teacher recommendations, etc.

And why am I contradicting myself? As I’ve clearly stated in my original post, I was asking about whether or not to take the tests.

You’re clearly arguing with NASA2014 about course rigor. In addition, you mention the two classes you will be taking in your original comment. Idk why you would take the class and not take the test.

Because after you’ve taken 10 ap tests for your classes and do well on them, as Troyus already mentioned, it can already demonstrate you know what you’re doing and that you have good course rigor.

I’m done arguing. Thanks for the help for the people who helped. Goodnight

What were your scores? if you have a one, don’t think its the end of the world. I have a friend who got in with a one.
It was in ap calculus AB

She’s goes to SLU now

I did pretty good, but I know if I take ap physics next year, i’d fail haha.