Are 4 years of electives required?

<p>I am only taking AP Chem, AP US Hist 2, Honors Physics, Honors Eng, and Honors PreCalc this year.. I didn't take an elective class... d'oh.. I got 1350 (M/V) on my SATs and I am aiming for a 1400 or above in June. Yeah, so, would Fordham automatically reject my application if they see that I didn't take an elective class in my junior year? I did take one in freshman, sophomore, and will take one in my senior year. I am guessing they will but hoping they won't... stupid guidance counselor doesn't inform me of these things...</p>

<p>Required units: 22 total
Electives 6
English 4
Foreign Language 2
History 2
Math 3
Science 3
Social Studies 2
Recommended units: 25 total
Foreign Language 3
Math 4
Science 4</p>

<p>im not sure</p>

<p>What does your school consider an elective? Senior year, we're only required to take English and Phys. Ed... any other class is an elective credit. I'm taking calculus, physics, AP European History, honors German, and band this year, which totals five elective credits.</p>

<p>Ok, so the requirement is just for 6 elective classes? I had Typing freshman year 3 days a week with my double lab Honors Biology and Intro to Art. I took Studio Art I in my sophomore year. I think my typing class only counted for like half credits since it wasn't an everyday class. Do you guys think I need 3 more elective classes or 4? My school only considers classes like Autocad, Marketing, Art, and Public Speaking types to be electives.</p>

<p>I sent a message to Fordham asking if their requirements were "set in stone."
The reply was that they were just guidelines. As soon as decisions come out I can tell you for sure if they stick with the requirements. My D doesn't have any foreign language and still applied.</p>

<p>Oh, ok. Thanks for the info. rgmom.</p>