Are 5 APs too much for a junior?

<p>Hey everyone, I'm a sophomore in HS and we are in the process of filling out the selection sheets for next year. This is my current schedule.</p>

Sports & Entertainment Marketing
AP US History
French II

<p>My weighted GPA is a 4.43</p>

<p>There are a lot of options that interest me for next year, and they're all APs. It seems like I can manage, but I don't want to be overwhelmed and fail everything. I want to get some feedback from those who have taken the APs in the past and let me know if I'm setting up myself for failure. Also, I want to know if the summer reading will be hectic, from personal experiences. Here's what I have for next year, so far.</p>

<p>AP English Language
AP World History
AP US Gov't and Politics
AP Microeconomics
AP Environmental Science
Cisco I-H
Cisco I-H
Advanced Algebra with Trigonometry-H</p>

<p>I just want some feedback on whether or not I can do well in all of the classes. I'd also like to know which APs are hard and which ones are really easy. I'd like to get good grades and hopefully be accepted into elite schools, such as Georgetown (first choice :]) Thanks.</p>

<p>no, I am sure you will do fine, I am currently doing 6</p>

Computer science
Comparative Gov
Lang </p>

<p>a lot of hw, but not too hard to maintain an A average</p>

<p>AP English Language
AP World History
AP US Gov't and Politics
AP Microeconomics
AP Environmental Science</p>

<p>are all relatively easy classes (especially Environmental which is a joke of a class in my school)</p>

<p>The ap classes I took during junior year were psych ap, English 3 ap, apush, and human geo ap. it was not hard at all but your choices seem a bit tougher. If you look at my thread you will see I am going to attempt to take 9 AP classes in senior year!</p>

<p>I took 8 as a Junior last year. I took 4 in school:</p>

<p>Calculus BC (5)
Literature (4)
Biology (5)
U.S. History (5).</p>

<p>I also self-studied 4 on the side:</p>

<p>Macroeconomics (4)
Microeconomics (4)
Physics C: Mechanics (4)
Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism (4).</p>

<p>You'll be fine! Just need discipline that's all.</p>

<p>Honestly it depends on the specific teacher's class. For example, I had 5 APs last year. Only one of them made my life hell. This year I have 5 as well and can manage most days not doing anything/very little work at home. I've had 4 of your APs. Those are "easier" material classes but it might come with lots of busy work. </p>

<p>That is kind of what I noticed. The harder the material/concepts, the easier the workload and vice versa.</p>

<p>Self-studying is different than actual classes. If all my AP teachers were like, "don't do anything this year for my class and just worry about getting a 5", it would be SO much easier.</p>

<p>I have taken AP Environmental, and it was a lot of busy work with reading guides from the textbook, pretty easy stuff for an AP though.
AlgII Trig is actually pretty difficult (if u get to the trig stuff) so don't assume its a breeze. You might consider dropping AP World, its a lot of reading and i know at my school the hw load is insane (we take it as sophomores though..)
it looks like you have a lot of history, so if you aren't super interested in it consider dropping one of those.</p>

<p>Go ahead, Eng Lang can be difficult but the others are relatively easy courses.</p>

<p>Thanks for the replies. I have another question. For those of you who have taken AP US Gov't and Politics, how is the class? Is it mostly reading, or is it a fun and interactive type of course? What is the difficulty, as compared to APUSH?</p>

<p>If you can handle it, then it shouldn't be a problem....</p>

<p>I'm taking AP Gov right now! Definitely easier than AP US History at my school. Not as much reading and it's definitely a fun course in my opinion. But that's also because I love my teacher. I'm taking AP US History next year. How was that for anyone that has already taken it?</p>

<p>They're only going to be "too much" if you have, say, a varsity sport, various club activities, etc.</p>

<p>Just be sure to have fun!</p>

<p>I think two or 3 AP classes is a lot lol. 5 AP sounds hard. But my AP teachers at my school are really good, and work around your schedule so the work load isn't TOO difficult. It looks like you're going to do a lot of studying.</p>

<p>Nope, not really.</p>

<p>Those aren't too bad, as long as you put some effort into all of them, you'l do fine.</p>


<p>all juniors should be able to take the max amount of AP classes, everyone knows that</p>

<p>But seriously, I think you should just take the more advanced version of the class if you're truly interested in the subject. The time spent by you packing AP classes may be better spent doing extracurriculars that'll distinguish yourself. My two cents.</p>