Are ACTs offered in school the same as those offered in testing centers?

My son’s school is requiring juniors to take the ACT on February 20 at school. That’s not the same exam offered February 8, is it? So could a student take the ACT twice in the same month? Not saying we would – just questioning what is possible.

They’re the same as in that they’re both ACT tests - used the same way for college admissions.

They’re not the same test as in the exact same questions given on two different dates. (I assume - I can’t imagine them trying this. Can anyone confirm?)

I see no reason you couldn’t register for whatever test dates they offer.

My D’s school used the ACT to meet state graduation requirements and everyone was required to take the school test in February, regardless if you had already taken it and were happy with the score.

It’s a different version of the test. But the difference is no greater than the difference between the December and the February or April tests. No idea how many versions they use for state testing, if they are all the same or not.

As far as I know, all colleges treat them as identical to a regularly scheduled test.

Our counselors advise our students to take the one that is a couple weeks before/after the state test. Theory being that you are already studying, so take another crack at it. D taking it in February, state testing for us is April. Not sure if she will take April regular one too, probably depends on how happy she is with the February score.

@Mama212529 Our state requires juniors to take the ACT in the spring; yes, it is the same as taking it at a testing facility (different questions); however, our state administered test includes the essay portion, which is not required if taking it on a public testing date. Obviously, each state is different, so check with your son’s G.C.