Are All ACT Tests on the same day the same version?

<p>I was wondering if all of the ACT tests administered on the same day are the same versions, or if it's more like the SAT where they are different/mixed up?</p>

<p>Help would be appreciated =)</p>

<p>In the u.s yes.</p>

<p>Awesome. Can I sit where ever I want, or is the seating assigned? I’m signing up for Sept. ACT and it’s asking if I’m right handed or left handed for seating assignment…</p>

<p>Hey, can anybody else confirm this? That test versions are the same?</p>

<p>I can vouch because I took it in February. I hope you’re not planning to cheat…</p>

<p>Nah, just curious haha. I’m studying my @$$ off buddy :P</p>

<p>Oh and how often/long are the breaks?</p>

<p>I kid I kid. This is CC… </p>

<p>You complete the English and math sections (back to back) then take a 10 minute break. After the break you do the reading and science sections.</p>

<p>Gotcha. Thanks buddy!</p>