Are all of my schools reaches?? (or, a very confused chance me)

Demographics: white female from low density suburbs around a tiny metro area, middle-of-the-road public school, pretty good community college.

GPA: 3.98 uw/4.64w (so far)

APs: AP World (5), AP Enviro (5), AP Macro (self-study), AP Micro (self-study)

I’m a full time Running Start student so I don’t have as many APs, but I’ll graduate with a Pre-Law Associates and two full years of community college classes (18 total courses).

ECs: Theater sound crew for 4 years, head of sound crew this year, treasurer for theatre this year, Phi Theta Kappa (college honor society), PTK chapter Public Relations Officer, a summer internship with local government (focused on economic recovery from COVID)

I’ve got good teacher recs from two of my professors (one is a department head relevant to my degree). My essay is about overcoming internalized ableism, and I don’t think I’ve milked the sob story too much.

I’m applying EA to DePaul, Lewis & Clark, and Reed and RD to Oberlin, University of Washington, University of Michigan, Brown, Stanford, and CalPoly. Are any of these reasonable options for me, or should I settle for a less selective school?

No most definitely not, depaul, Uw are for sure safeties. Reed, Oberlin, umich, etc, those should be targets, and Stanford/Brown are the reaches. You’re good, dont stress about it. If anything, u could aim for more reaches like brown

Have you run the net price calculators for these schools? Some may be financial reaches. Add some schools where you would qualify for merit to have a better shot at some academic and financial safeties—which is a true safety IMHO. Which state do you live in?

I think it’s a good list. You will almost certainly get into Lewis and Clark and De Paul. I suspect you will certainly get into at least two of the others. Your essay sounds interesting and I’d like to read it, if you care to share it with me.

I think you can rest easy and have a relaxing time while you wait. .

You should be admitted to DePaul, Lewis & Clark, and Oberlin.

I disagree with an earlier post which rates UW as a safety since it is not.

You have an interesting mix of target schools.

Intended major?

OOS for Cal Poly SLO?

Cal Poly SLO uses 9-11th grades in their GPA calculation and gives extra honors points for any AP/IB or CSU transferable DE classes taken during 10-11th grades with a maximum of 8 semesters both 10-11th and a maximum of 4 in 10th only.

You can use this calculator for the SLO GPA but just include your 9th grades along with 10-11th. The UC capped weighted GPA + 9th grades = the Cal Poly SLO GPA.

To answer some questions I’ve seen, I’m from Washington, my intended majors are econ/polisci, and a lot of these schools will only be 2 or 3 years for me (thanks dual enrollment!).

You’ll need to find out if the schools are affordable before you apply, otherwise it’s a waste of time. UW is a hyper-competitive school, so getting into a good major is far from guaranteed. You’ll want to add WSU on your list. If you can’t afford the private schools, and UW doesn’t work out, then you have a solid school you can go to.