Are any of these worth putting down?

<p>A class of Danish kids came to my school for 2 days and I had 3 of them with me for both days. Could this go under 'foreign exchange' or anything else? (God, I hate that you have to pick from a list...)</p>

<p>If my art work was on display in a sort of exhibit 9th and 10th grade, would this be put anywhere?</p>

<p>Also, I played baseball in a league outside of school and was wondering what that would go under.. just Athletics-club, or JV/Varsity Baseball. I did intramural softball in school and I feel that this is more of "athletics- club"</p>

<p>Something that happens for 2 days is an event, not an extracurricular. The art thing depends: if there was a competition to get your art in the exhibit or something like that it could be considered an award. Otherwise, unless you devote a great deal of time out of school to art it is not an extracurricular.</p>

<p>It might be to your advantage NOT to put them since you don't want to look like you're grasping for straws. The baseball league is Athletics - Club, just describe the level of competition as greater than intramural sports. Varsity/JV Sports specifically refer to sports you play for your school against other schools if I'm interpreting it correctly.</p>