Are any other schools refusing to publish their Covid-19 Infection Rates? ASU is not.

I find it unbelievable that ASU as a public institution that requires testing of all its students can withhold health data from its community. It really seems absurd.

ASU looks more interested in managing public relations then informing the community regarding the spread of COVID-19?

The government won’t be tracking the COVID cases in schools as they reopen, so this doesn’t seem too shocking.

@1966Parent I agree that if I had a student at ASU, I would want the information on a readily accessible ASU dashboard. As the news article points out, you can track cases by zip code on the AZ DHS website. I agree though that it’s not as good as an ASU dashboard.

If it’s any comfort, Will Humble has said on his twitter account that he thinks ASU has a “solid plan” for Covid mitigation. Will is the past Director of the AZ DHS and the current Executive Director of the AZ Public Health Ass’n. Will has been a harsh public critic of the state’s response this summer, including appearing on Maddow’s show several times. But he is optimistic at least for now about ASU’s plan. His blog is here:

Corinthian - you sound smart and like you are in Arizona…I still don’t understand how a public university can withhold the aggregate test results?

@1966Parent Yes, I am in AZ where our case numbers have finally been getting a bit better so people are worried about how the return to campus might alter that. Here’s an article about how Crow is getting pushback from the Tempe community about the lack of case data.

@1966Parent - I have a junior at ASU. I am also of the mind that they want to avoid the scrutiny that other schools (Notre Dame and UNC) are getting.

My son has two classes with alternating F2F meetings. Both professors requested and were granted health exemption from teaching in person. So, for the start of the semester, he is all online. The two in person cases will still be available in person. They may have a Grad TA there to help students. His classes start today. We will see.

@usma87 - great to know. My Senior is 100% online…but at least small classes

@1966Parent There’s an unofficial twitter account reporting on cases. Not sure how reliable it is, but if you want to check it out, look on twitter for the account asucovid