Are AP exams worth the time, stress, and $$$?

<p>Ok, I'm currently in 4 APs.....APUSH, Lit, Spanish lang, and Stats. The college that I may go to will accept scores of 4+ on exams. APUSH and Lit will basically be like electives if I were to get 4s, a 4 in Stats could excempt me from the "quantitive reasoning" requirement, though I think I could get that with courses in my major. </p>

<p>My Lit teacher seems to think that I can get a 4, and my Spanish teacher has said that I could get a 5. Bull. 4s and 5s are hard to get!!!!!</p>

<p>I don't know the fees for all of the tests, but I'm guessing for 4 it would be around $300, which is obviously less that a college course......IF I could get 4s.</p>

<p>Stats......I don't really want to do math for 3 hours. I don't think I could. Same with reading......45 minutes of reading on the ACT was hard enough, and the lit passages/questions are difficult!!!! History......IDK. It's all hard.</p>

<p>Spanish.....IDK. It's prob my strongest subject....but is it really worth the stress?</p>

<p>I get REALLY stressed......</p>

<p>I want to study anthropology and maybe Spanish.....</p>

<p>Grow up a little and study. Bo-hoo working a couple hours on math or reading. If you get 4's or 5's you could save yourself or your parent THOUSANDS of dollars for college. A 3 hour sacrifice isn't even that big of a deal for that.
PS: If you don't take the AP exams, don't you have to take finals for your classes, which will all wind up being even more stressful do to the lack of any curves.</p>

<p>I don't think that people should do things that they don't want to if they don't have to.</p>

<p>AP classes will give you a little wiggle room if you need to drop a class or if you want to double major. At this point in the year, many young people have had enough. The credits you earn will be well worth it if you do well.</p>

<p>You should ask yourself if college is worth the stress.</p>

<p>At least take the Spanish exam if that's something you want to study.</p>

<p>3 hours......dude.......more like 3 years! There is sooooo much stuff to know, especially APUSH!!!</p>

<p>inb4 local community college</p>

<p>Work hard now, and you won't have to study as much later. Speaking of APUSH, I'm about to crack open my book and get started on some notes...</p>

<p>It is certainly worth it. AP exams are one of the things that reward perseverance. Studying for exams seems boring at the moment, but it will help you prepare for the even more vigorous reality of college.</p>

<p>I feel really horrible because I haven't really studied for the exams unless you count timed writing and DBQs for school as a grade. Keeping up with the classes themselves is a task itself.....when you're learning new material every day for APUSH and having a quiz every other class, there is hardly any time for studying for the actual exam. I know the classes are supposed to prepare you for the exam.....but it's not enough....I know that.</p>

<p>It's just that when you have to prepare for tests and read chapters, study, and do really takes up all my time as it is.</p>

<p>I spend 4+ hours every night studying for the dang tests and doing homework......if it seems like I'm complaining....I am haha.</p>

<p>APUSH is purely memorization - read through AMSCO or REA, use some flashcards if you want, and take a few practice tests. There's no concepts to understand; Regurgitate the info you memorize for the essays.</p>

<p>You don't even need to study for AP Lit - just take a few practice tests. For the MC, find proof that each answer is right and prove the other choices are wrong (or less right). For the essays, just write a long essay and constantly connect examples to your thesis. The only problem is busy work from your teacher.</p>

<p>AP Stats is hardly math at all - it's practically calculator skills, some writing, and simple arithmetic. You get to keep the calculator throughout the entire test, so create or find apps and functions to calculate things you can't remember. You could also have notes on your calculator.</p>

<p>I'm taking AP Lit, AP US Gov, AP Calc BC, AP Stat, and AP Physics C. I'm also self-studying AP Macro and Micro, but I have enough time to relax, sleep, study, and do homework. Also, some classes may be enough as preparation for the AP exam - if your teacher uses released FRQ's throughout the year and makes you take 3 or 4 MC, for example.</p>

<p>Not sure if this is just my school but if we don't take the test it won't show up as AP on a transcript. If we get a 1 it will show up as ap. it would stink to put in the work for an ap class for it to appear as an honors class like it would at my school.</p>

<p>If there is even a small chance that the college you will go to will accept a credit, you should take the test. In other words, take the test. You do not know for sure which college you will attend, and it will give you some play in your schedule if you choose a school that accepts them. If you are taking 4 AP courses, and doing well, you will probably do fine on the AP exams. So take them! It's good practice for college level finals too! And if you are a Junior in HS, also good practice for the SAT II's you will need to take for some schools.</p>

<p>You are crazy not to take the test even at $90 a piece. Nothing compared to the cost to retake courses to replace the credits you are losing. 4 classes can earn you 12 credits which is almost a half year of college. Some colleges give more depending on the score. It will exempt you from having to some classes and freeing your schedule up for classes you want to take.</p>

<p>D's school makes students take the exams if they are in an AP class. Personally I wouldn't have her bother taking Eco or Bio. Bio because there is no way she is getting a 4 or 5. Eco because even if she gets a 4 or 5, I'd prefer she take a better social science class at NYU since I am paying for it anyway. Her high school class was a waste.</p>

<p>My point is that even if I find adequate study time (but according to some I don't even need to study for certain tests), I still think that you have to be "smart" in order to do well.</p>

<p>In all of the exams, they try to trick you. For the Spanish practice excersizes I've done, they seem fairly simple because some of the answers just seemed silly......probably not all tests are like that, however.</p>

<p>Do you or do you not have to be a genius? My IQ is low average, and I practically failed the ACT....twice. For those of you who can skate by without studying and do well, I think there's something about your brain that's lacking in mine lol.</p>