Are AP Tests equivalent to Subject Tests?

<p>I want to take the Physics, American History, and Literature SAT Subject Tests, but I am wondering if it will be enough just to use my knowledge from my AP Classes with these subjects to pass the tests (based on the fact that these AP Classes are pretty good and teach you the material required). I don't think you'd need to know more than what a good AP American course teaches you to pass the test (and I'm in a pretty decent class).</p>

<p>unfortunately, in college admissions, they are not in most cases. If you are a Junior taking the AP exams, ask the colleges you plan to apply to if they will accept the AP in place of the subject tests. Some may say yes, but most will say no....
If you are a Senior planning on taking those AP exams, the scores will not be back in enough time to use for admissions anyway.</p>

<p>Um I meant do they test on the same things....not if they are worth the same credit. I know that they aren't worth any credit....</p>

<p>I know for US history the MC on the AP is a tad more analytical</p>

<p>whereas the SATII a question could be... President during "54' 40' or fight!' or something (sample question from CB) </p>

<p>The SATII Lit would just be like CR or APEL passages within a certain genre. (of literature) Something you can't really study for.</p>

<p>Subject tests=content, memorization, pure facts
AP=analytical, explaining, logic.
at least in my perspective.</p>