Are art awards "academic distinctions"?

<p>Before I get eaten alive, yes, I know what "academic" means, but section looks pretty bare without my art stuff. :( For example: would you consider Scholastic Art & Writing an "academic distinction"?</p>

<p>This is under the "honors" catgeory in the "academic" category, by the way.</p>


<p>Hell yes! I would consider that an honor. A Scholastic award is a big national award/competition.</p>

<p>It's not exactly academic, though, since I got it for photography ...</p>

<p>I would say you should put it there, because from what I've seen, there is no other obvious place to put that on the application, and it is definitely something you should include somewhere. Obviously make it clear that it was for photography, but that seems fine to me.</p>

<p>I have other photography related stuff that's quite a bit more significant compared to Scholastic Art and Writing... should I put those too? (I was just using Scholastic Art and Writing since it's generic and a lot of people get it.) I don't want to get penalized if I'm perceived as unable to follow directions ._.</p>

<p>The way I'm looking at is essentially this:
Is it something colleges would like to know about/I would like colleges to know about? (I would say that's a yes for you.)
If so, is there another place that is clearly better to put it?
If not, I'd put it there.</p>

<p>Another possibility is to put one/some of the most "significant" awards there, and list the others under "additional information."
(and of course, bear in mind that I have exactly as much information as you do, haha. This is just the way I'm going about it.)</p>