Are BS/MD programs going to go test optional (2020)?

Because of coronavirus, does anyone know if BS/MD are going to go test optional too? My D has taken ACT once and scored 32 composite. She has tried to retake in April but it got pushed to June and now we have heard that the schools will not open for the exams because of coronavirus. Do we know what is going to happen with BS/MDs? Are tests going to be online because there is no other way for kids to take them. Thankyou

The only BS/MD that I know for sure is test-optional is Case Western. They sent out an email a few weeks ago saying that they’re test-optional for this year, and it extends to the PPSP program too.

Also brown university has gone test optional and Northwestern HPME has cancelled their applications for this year amid the global pandemic.

BU SMED is test optional