Are business classes in HS worth it?

<p>I am going into business, hopefully going to major in economics/finance at a top university, go into IB for 1-2 years of experience, then get into a top MBA program to go into even higher business. Are taking business classes in high school worth it, or are those empty elective spots better filled with other electives (any suggestions?)? The business classes at my HS are accounting, some basic stuff for people who can't use computers, something called international business, and some other stuff. There is FBLA and DECA for me to join as far as clubs go. If anyone knows, what is the difference between FBLA and FBLA Co-op?
Thanks a lot.</p>

<p>My son found the business classes to be easy As but boring. At his school they were filled with kids not going to college. And they didn't really prepare him for his undergraduate business degree. He thought that he would be able to skate through college accounting but he didn't. I'd say they were a waste, although they did prop up his GPA.</p>

<p>Are you kidding, business classes in COLLEGE aren't even worth it</p>

<p>While business classes aren't always necessary, they can definitely help - especially early on, and especially if you are going to be attending a non-target U Grad. You don't need much in HS by any means, but if you've got an opportunity to take an accounting class, it definitely wouldn't be a bad thing, and would give you a heads up to possibly start pushing for basic internships your freshman year. Every little edge helps, so if it is between taking an accounting class that could possibly teach you a little something about the field you are interested in, or taking something completely irrelevant, then go for the accounting. </p>