Are China's Schools Harder?

<p>I always hear about how school is so much more stressing, and harder in China. How exactly does their school system work, and why is it considered so hard?</p>


<p>It's so hard because of the overpopulation. There aren't as many schools there (especially at university level) so the competition is ridiculous.</p>

<p>I do think that the school is more rigorous (I went to school there for a year or so). Math for example is taught differently. Instead of repeatedly learning the same concepts each year and then adding more, they finish a topic thoroughly and never really repeat it. Things there are changing though, becoming more americanized. When I went to school there, it was like nine to five with saturdays but now I think they get out around three. </p>

<p>What's sad about the schools in china is that they don't emphasize other areas, like art or music or sports. People are very academic and usually drop their extracurricular interests in middle school.</p>

<p>Is china a world power? no.</p>

<p>europe on top. we got all the innovation the world will ever need.</p>

<p>lol nobody ever said they were a world power...yet anyway =)</p>

<p>Well, so much for American dominance, then, Amensia ;)
Or does someone suffer amnesia?</p>

<p>jk, jk-- don't want to confirm the world's 'Ugly American' stereotype.</p>

<p>Europe and its spawns... NZ US CA SA AU and minor outlying regions</p>

<p>Oh, ok, ok, so we're 'European spawn' I get it. That makes sense.
Incidentally, how long does it take for spawn to 'grow up'?...I had believed 225+ yrs was long enough, but I guess I must be wrong...</p>

<p>I think China probably counts as a world power by now...largest population, growing economy (esp. since Hong Kong reverted).</p>

<p>yea they just have to deal with that little poverty problem... and the communist thing. In a couple of years though!</p>

<p>Yeah man, China's schools are definately harder. Like at the last year of High School, everbody has one chance to take the standardized test to go to a college, otherwise you'll be going to be selling groceries or something.</p>

<p>i dont think its that extreme ilikeoranges, Japanese and French universities are also very competitive.</p>

<p>china probably has a stronger economy w/o hk....</p>

<p>anyway...the thing about not emphasizing other areas like art or music is only partly true...chinese education is about being do one thing and you do it well ( have to be good at everything if you aren't distinctive in one area)...if you do music or art....that's your focus....</p>

<p>also, the education is we call it in chinese..."stuff the duck" style...less thinking and more learning....</p>

<p>I guess.. the atheletes train as atheletes since very young age. same goes with dancing and stuff. I guess that's why it seems like there isn't a variety, because by the time they get to college, they're all in the specialized schools that are particularly strong in a certain field.</p>

<p>Do they even offer business classes in high school? Cause business seems to be dominated by Europe and America.</p>

<p>ilikeoranges, you have more than one chance to take that test. Of course it's unfair becuause it is ONLY that one test that determines which college you go (if any) but you can take it year after year until you reach 25 I believe. </p>

<p>kinglin, it seems like the businessmen in China now didn't go to college. They were just naturally innovative or opportunistic.</p>


<p>just from what i've seen, there are at least as many Japanese/Chinese/Korean businessmen in the world as there are Europeans. Japan is basically all about businessmen.</p>

<p>Americans are able to wait until they are young adults to finally "find themselves" and make career decisions. Choices and options abound for Americans. Pretty much any American who wants to go to college will be able to find a college to attend. A number of other countries have national tests that must be passed in order to advance into college. As I recall, Japan and India have such national tests. A person's entire life can be determined by a test score taken as a youth.</p>

<p>Same as China.</p>

<p>I agree, Americans have so many chances to start over. College isn't even used for finding yourself. You can not know what you want to do in life, major in whatever you want, and still be successful. Or you can change careers later in life. It's all about second and third and fourth chances.</p>

<p>most people in china study so hard they become nerds</p>

<p>And what is so wrong with a nerd?
It's like become a nerd, or not go to college. Hmmm tough choice.</p>

<p>It's funny though how the nerds always get picked on by the sports jocks in such, then 10years after graduating from high school, the sport jocks are working for the nerds.</p>