Are CHP classes hella hard?

<p>I'm scared! Is the work load ridiculous?</p>

<p>No. They're basically normal UCI classes with CHP kids. Nearly everyone got an A or B in honors hum core (which is what i'm assuming you're talking about).</p>

<p>I only went through humcore and one of the Social Science classes. But humcore is the same, since you do the same reading/have the same lecture as regular humcore kids. I don't think the discussion leaders were any harder than regular ones, since I was content with my grades (I never thought I was a great writer).
However, I feel like the other honors classes are not the same as any other UCI class. There are easier GEs that won't require as much work. With the Social Science class I took for honors, I think I got lucky with a "chill" TA. I couldn't understand the readings (Locke, Rousseau, etc). so I mostly just went off of class notes. & the TA didn't require citations and stuff and the final wasn't that bad. I ended up with like a B+ or so. That class was supposedly the easier of the Social Science honors classes though.
So from my small experience, I think honors classes are doable, and that you'll probably get higher than a B or so, but the workload may be a little more difficult than some other class you could take to fulfill the GE. Just go to ratemyprofessor and look up the honors professors (look through websoc) and maybe you'll get some ideas. Oh, and all the honors classes were the one's that lowered my GPA but that's because most of my other classes have been lower division or known to be easy classes and even if honors classes were my lowest grades.. they're not bad grades at all (at the lowest a B).</p>