Are Classes Ever Longer Than Timed?

<p>Do professors ever keep students more than the time stated in the schedule. Like if the class is scheduled to end at 12 pm, you can leave at that time right? </p>

<p>Just wondering because we might have an appointment/activity I would have to go to right after the lecture</p>

<p>Well, you can go whenever you want. </p>

<p>Going a few minutes over is not uncommon. I had one instructor who routinely continued 20-30 minutes past. But again, if you need to leave you can leave whenever.</p>

<p>I don't think I ever had a professor who went over, and if they did it was by mistake and they apologized. Usually a student will let them know class has ended. They don't mind, they know we're adults with other classes or even a job to get to.</p>

<p>If you're worried about making it on time to an appointment just talk to the professor. They'll probably even be okay with you leaving a few minutes early. Plus usually students just leave whenever anyway. It's not like high school where it's perfectly okay for a teacher to leave you sitting there for an extra five minutes for no reason.</p>

<p>Yeah, if it becomes an issue (which most professors in my experience won't do), just go to the professor and tell him/her that you cannot stay past the stated end time.</p>

<p>I had a professor that consistently went over. I had about a 5 minute window to get to the bus to get to work and I just left every time he went over. I did go and talk to him (there were only 15 people in the class and he really liked me so I felt bad). Really, if you can stay- do it. If not, leave.</p>

<p>Most people will leave if it goes over unless it's a small class. You also can leave whenever you want.</p>

<p>I've never had that issue. If I did, I would stay as long as I could. However, don't let the extension make you late for your next class.</p>

<p>You can just leave</p>

<p>Yeah you can just leave, but In my experience I never had a professor who went over though.</p>

<p>If it a large lecture class, you can just leave (and most people will do so and the professor will get the picture). If the class setting is smaller and more intimate, it might look bad if you just got up and left. So if the professor consistently goes over the alotted time, explain your situation to him/her before class and it won't be a problem.</p>

<p>Lots of professors will go over, but by a couple mins tops. Others will let you out a couple mins earlier (occasionally you'll have a prof that routinely let us out 15 or so mins early every time). </p>

<p>Generally most of the prof's I've had will let us out late say a third of the time, and early 2/3 of the time. One or two people might walk out early but most stay as long as it's not over five minutes.</p>

<p>Don't be the annoying guy that makes noise packing up three or so minutes before class ends so you can leave exactly when time's up. Professors get ****ed about that. Wait to pack up until either time's up or professor is done lecturing.</p>

Don't be the annoying guy that makes noise packing up three or so minutes before class ends so you can leave exactly when time's up. Professors get ****ed about that. Wait to pack up until either time's up or professor is done lecturing.


<p>THIS. And don't be the annoying prick who jumps out of their chair the instant the class ends regardless of whether the prof is talking or not. A prof going over 2 minutes isn't the end of your life's schedule. I've almost never had a prof who went over by > 5 minutes.</p>

<p>You can always leave at any time. The question is whether or not it's polite / appropriate to do so.</p>

<p>For me, it's:
* It's always impolite to leave before class ends; try not to schedule appointments that conflict.
* If the professor goes a little over, you can leave, but it's a nice gesture to stay. However, if you have other appointments / things to get to, those take priority.</p>

<p>The latter case also applies if the professor goes way over, but just remember that a nice gesture is a nice gesture. It's just like how some professors will be nice enough to not start class until everyone arrives, even if it's a couple minutes late. It's nice of them to do that, but not necessary or even to be expected.</p>

<p>I personally never had a class that went over its time limit but people would still leave whenever...</p>

<p>Never had a class that went over. And you can always leave any time during the class.</p>

<p>usually it wont go over and if it does it is by mistake or the professor had something really important and jsut did not have the time to cover it. if you have to go in a large class you can just go. you can in a small class too, but it might not look as good. but if he wento ver, just simply explain you had somewhere to go. if they went over they will or should understand.</p>