Are D's transferable?

<p>Im wondering if D's are transferable. Like I got a D in a 5 unit class, do those 5 units add into the 60 units total or do they not as UC's only want a C or higher.</p>

<p>That would be a "no."</p>

<p>really? because on the UC application website it says that D's may count on your number of units, but if you want to count it in your igetc or move to the next level class you need a C. </p>

<p>I was just wondering if D's count in your total number of units.</p>

<p>University</a> of California - Transfer GPA</p>

<p>A D is a passing grade so you will get credit for the course. The problem is that a D is a minimal passing grade and you will have to repeat the course if it is a requirement for your major. Also, nearly all courses that have prerequisites require that you get at least a C in the course in order for it to count as having fulfilled the prerequisite. IGETC courses all need to be passed with a C or better to count towards meeting your GE requirements.</p>

<p>If you get a D in a four unit course you will receive four units of credit. However, if the course is a prerequisite or a core course for your major, such as Calculus for a Physics major, you will have to repeat it with a grade of C or better for it to meet major and graduation requirements. If you are a Physics major and have already met your distribution requirements in Humanities with courses in which you received a C or higher and decide to take a a three unit course in 18th century English poetry and get a D in it I am pretty sure that you will receive three units towards the 120 semester hours you need to graduate without repeating it if you can live with the damage it does to your GPA. You would just not be able to take a class that the Poetry class is a prerequisite for.</p>

<p>If a D meant you do not get credit for the course what is the point of having a grade of D? Colleges and universities might as well just have grades of A, B,C and F. You will always receive credit for courses in which you got a D, but the course might not meet a requirement, depending on the circumstances.</p>

<p>I learn something new everyday!</p>

<p>If the UC website says the D can count toward the 60 units, then that is how it is. No one else's opinion matters, including mine!</p>