Are EA decisions out tomorrow?

I know Beloit’s portal says December 1st, but has anyone heard anything from admissions? What time are we supposed to hear?

did you ask for a snapadmit? i asked for one, but haven’t gotten a reply yet

how do you do that?

Isn’t it supposed to be out today? Anyone know the time?

@StuckInRemission That’s what I was wondering :confused:

It’s already 8:45 PM Dec 1st where I live. And they have yet to mention anything on their social media about when they’ll release the decisions.

@StuckInRemission I really just want to hear!! beloit is easily my favorite safety and everyone there has been SO nice to me

Yes, same. It’s my favourite safety too and even if I don’t get in anywhere else, I’d be so happy to go to Beloit, granted that I get in. So I really want to hear back too!

@StuckInRemission @connectcompleteconfidential 7pm Eastern Standard Time tonight via email!

I got admitted!!! I received my decision via Snapchat! I got a Presidential Scholarship of 30,000 per year :slight_smile:

Wow, me too! For the presidential scholarship though, did you have to do an interview? I didn’t do one but they gave me it anyways?

My D was admitted with the Presidential today as well! No interview, she hasn’t had a chance to even visit campus yet. I believe it is just one of their merit awards @connectcompleteconfidential you just have to apply to the school to be considered. It’s exciting though! :slight_smile:

Congrats @1822mom . My D15 loves Beloit.