Are freshmen required to have a meal plan? What is the cost for it?

<p>I have looked for the answer to this everywhere and am still so confused. From what I understand, if you're residing on campus, the NYU website says you are required to have "10 meals per week or a 175 flex meal plan." </p>

<p>Is the cost of this meal plan included in the cost for housing? (For example, here is the list of the costs of all dorms: <a href=""&gt;;/a> . Since the cost of a triple in Hayden in $8,416, does that include the housing cost AND meal plan?)</p>

<p>On here (<a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;), it says that "10 meals per week or a 175 flex meal plan" costs $1800 a semester!! That is A LOT of money. I honestly think I could eat WAY cheaper than that. Is there ANY way to NOT get this meal plan or maybe get cheaper meal plans, such as 75 meals per semester for $952.00?</p>

<p>My parents are barely able to afford NYU right now, and that $3600 is a waste of money to me. Is there ANY way to get out of it?</p>

<p>From what I could gather, Freshmen staying in the Freshmen dorms are required to have some kind of meal plan. The two you mentioned, the "bare minimum" plans, are included in the housing cost. Other more extensive meal plans (14-per-week, 20-per-week, etc) require extra pay.</p>

<p>But I could be wrong. This is just how I understood it.</p>

<p>It is mandatory that freshmen get a meal plan. If you are in the traditional dorms (everything but 3N) the minimum is 10 meals/week or 175 flex. If you are in 3N you can opt for the 75 flex but you MUST get a meal plan.</p>

<p>If I remember correctly it's not built in to your housing, because I remember switching out my meal plan and it showed up as a separate entry in the Account Summary (on Albert).</p>

<p>i was wondering about this too...</p>