Are Jesuit colleges really Catholic?

I am brand new to this forum. I really don’t know how it popped up but there it is. I would only encourage prospective students to review the University of San Francisco (my alma mater) and specifically the St. Ignatius Institute (that too). In the midst of a Jesuit institution and a city that can rightly be called “quite liberal” I was able to enjoy a wonderful, classic education. This cradle Catholic fit right in. It was not easy but then what is really? Thank you Fr. Joseph Fessio, SJ and all my professors there. Not only them, but the Sisters of Mercy (who have their liberal members as we all know too) for teaching me how to be the public health nurse I am today. “Ad Majorum Dei Glorium” LaPartera77

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If there are a zillion crosses and crucifixes all over campus, it’s Catholic.

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The Pope is a Jesuit. Is he really Catholic?

Yes. Very Catholic.