Are Kaplan Tests Really Much Easier Than the Actual SAT II Physics Exam?

<p>I took my first timed SAT II Physics exam from the Kaplan 2010-2011 edition and scored a 720. According to a guide of best review books for all subjects on here, Kaplan practice tests are much easier than the real thing. I'm taking SAT II Physics June 5th and was hoping for 750+, really hoping for 800, so I hope that's not true. Also, I still haven't read 1 unit in the Kaplan review book, so I couldn't answer any of those questions. And I also made 2 or 3 stupid mistakes. So I'm guessing I could have scored around a 740-750 on that test.</p>

<p>I also did all the College Board questions for the SAT II Physics exam from the book for all subject tests, and judging by that, I really don't know why anyone would say Kaplan tests are "much easier." I did the questions in the CB book over several days without timing myself and would get an 800 if I did as many as I did timed.</p>

<p>If they're easier, how much easier? If I get a 740-760 on Kaplan, what would my score be on the real thing approximately? I know for Math 1 the Kaplan tests were quite a bit easier. I got a 770 on Kaplan but a 730 on the real thing.</p>