Are letters of recommendations required

<p>Do I need a letter of recommendation for university of Michigan? I'm not sure because I'm a out of state student. Do I still have a chance to get in if I have a 3.8 uw gpa and a 1900 sat</p>

<p>Why would being OOS exempt you from needing a letter of rec? Everyone needs one. Also Unless you have some pretty strong ECs, essays and hopefully recs, that 1900 SAT will probably cost you. The Michigan middle 50% is 1990-2200 I think. You're OOS as well so you need to be above the median to have a good shot. Realistically, most OOS applicants that are accepted have above a 3.8 (UW) gpa and 2100 SAT.</p>

<p>I wasn't sure because I live in ca and Universities around my area do not and will not read letters of rec includin UW</p>