Are librarys open to anyone

<p>are librarys at cornell open to anyone or are only college students allowed in</p>

<p>they're open to anybody, but you'll need a Cornell ID from like 2 AM - 8 AM at the 24 hour Uris</p>

<p>I work at Uris...we get plenty of townies coming in during the morning/afternoon</p>

<p>and need a Cornell ID from 2-8 AM at Uris</p>

<p>you need an ID to take out books though right? I registered late last semester and the library gave me a really hard time when I wanted to get a book off course reserve b/c I wasn't coming up as a full-time student.</p>

<p>yes you need an ID to take out books, laptops, GPS, headphones, movies...</p>

<p>yeah...we used to be nice about lending items to students without IDs....but our bosses cracked down on us :-(</p>

<p>ok b/c the reason im asking is b/c im visiting next weekend for like 2 or 3 days (program info sessions arent on the same days, scheduling problems, etc) and i wanted to use the library to get my spring break hw done if i wasnt doing anything.</p>

<p>do you think it would be awkard if a HS student was there doing work in the middle of a library full of colege students?</p>

<p>It will only be awkward if you make it awkward...I mean, how would they know you're a high schooler? Rolling backpack? 5 or 6 AP and SAT books?</p>

<p>It won't be awkward, but you won't be able to print anything off the computers.</p>

<p>i believe that if you are a NY state resident you have the right to use any of the endowed college's libraries with just about the same rights as a cornell student...</p>

<p>once at the school are all libraries open to students in every college or do you only go to your school's?</p>

<p>ILR kids can only use the ILR library.</p>

<p>and the HumEc kids can't use any library since they don't have their sad</p>

<p>I kid, I kid</p>

<p>my previous posting should read: </p>

<p>if you are a NY State Resident you should be able to use the contract colleges*</p>

<p>isnt MAnn technically aggie and humec?</p>

<p>but yea you can use any library ppl wont notice u they'll be busy studyin</p>

<p>Mann technically belongs to CALS....NYS partly funded the renovations</p>