Are minors/specializations worth it?


<p>What does everyone think of minors/specializations? Is it a waste of time and money, or does it help truly differentiate yourself from others when competing for jobs? This is for engineering majors if that helps. I'm talking about minors/specializations like biomedical engineering, mechatronics, energy & environment, etc.</p>

<p>With a B.S. in engineering, generally speaking, no… they are not worth it. There are some cases where they might be though, such as a ME with an AE minor. But don’t get caught up in having 2 minors with a specialization in X, because in engineering, it’ll typically be a waste of time, money, and effort.</p>

<p>If you are interested in it and see it as a gateway to a special type of job, it doesn’t hurt. However, if you are doing it because you just want a resume filler, it seems like a waste of time. The bachelors matter more than the minor.</p>

<p>A double degree or minor can be helpful but I wouldn’t extend my college days to get one. If you can complete by selecting the right courses while graduating in the standard timeframe then fine.</p>

<p>Minors generally no. Specializations can be as long as they don’t require extra classes. Usually taking a few of your electives classes in the area you want to specialize in us all you really need for employers to care.</p>