Are most students able to do research as a freshman at Brandeis?


I was wondering if anyone who is/was a biochemistry student at Brandeis could tell me if it is realistic to do research freshman year there. I am not talking independent stuff, even if you are working right next to some one.



I am also really into Brandeis because of several things. It’s really a great school and is classified as an R1 university meaning that it has a top status as a research university and with it’s small size, research opportunities are ample for Brandeisians. I asked the same exact question as you and I was told that beginning 2nd semester Freshman Year, you can do research which is really awesome. Hell, you can probably even start first semester and just be guided by your professor so as to learn what the laboratory feels like.

It’s up to the profs. Many profs don’t like freshman especially first semester Not because they aren’t bright and helpful. It’s just too big of commitment with all of the changes and getting used to the new environment. Sophomore year is usually when you can crack into some good opportunities.

This is generic advice not Brandeis specific

@privatebanker - you did say that your advice was generic, but FYI that’s really not the case at Brandeis . . .

@cheesevampire - My son indicated interest in the freshman research program called QBReC when he applied this year:

Good luck!