Are my AP scores good?

I don’t know if I am in the right place to talk about this, but I want to know if my AP scores are good.
I am going to become a 10th grader next semester.
My AP scores:
AP Bio: 4
AP Calc BC/AB: 4
AP Macroeconomics: 4
AP Psychology: 4

I took AP Bio and Calc BC in 9th grade (this year), and AP Psychology, Macroeconomics, and Calculus AB in 8th grade (last year).
Can I get some honest opinions?

Are they good enough for what? Good enough to receive credit? at most colleges, yes, but it depends on the school. Good enough to get you into an elite institution? That again would depend on the school, but it mostly would depend on the rest if your resume. What grades did you receive in the classes?
A “4” is considered “very well qualified” by College Board and would be the equivalent of an A-/B+/B.
You’re obviously an advanced student. I assume you’re shooting for ivy or MIT type schools; keep in mind as you progress throughout high school, schools won’t be impressed by quantity over quality.

As noted above, good for what? Compared to what?

AP_Trevor has, or soon will, post the score distributions for each test, if you’re looking to see how they compare against other students taking the test.

The tests you list generally have 15-20% 5’s, with the next 20-25% scoring 4s. With the exception of BC - it’s not posted yet, but it historically has 40-50% students with a 5.

Except for bio, which excluding the cluster**** that was 2020, has traditionally been in the 7% range.

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I don’t think this is the answer to your question but if you are looking for validation, if you took AP Calculus as an 8th grader and AP bio as an 9th grader I am guessing your AP scores are the least interesting part of your application.


My honest opinion is that the school should not have offered them that early.

I think your scores are very good when considering you took them in 8th and 9th grade - and admission reps will recognize that. But by the time you’ll graduate high-school, the most highly-selective schools (if that is even your ambition?) will likely see a good number of other applicants who took those courses later and tested with 5s across the board.

Of course, your application will have a 4-year transcript, with a GPA possibly weighted up for the AP level courses. Also, your transcript will show that you consistently managed challenging course-levels, which will be looked at favorable by most colleges.

I’m curious - how well are the four test results in synch with grades you earned in those classes?

Those look like pretty good scores to me, especially if you’re doing all that as a freshman. A 5 is obviously better than a 4 but you’ll still be banking college credit either way. It’s not like they show up as a B on your college grades.