Are my Canadian Grades going to affect my gpa? Are they looked at separately?

<p>Ok so last Fall 2010,
I went to a university in Canada and took 3 courses there. Well I didnt do well there and failed 2 classes and got a D in one. They use percentage grading, but also show the letter grade as well.<br>
They were:
Earth and Ocean Science- 45% F
Microeconomics- 50 % D
Spanish I- F 45%
I immediately came back to a california community college and this year my grades have sky rocketed, and now I have a 3.6 gpa that is UC TRANSFERABLE from community college. So im wondering, how will the admissions people assess my grades for UC BerkeleY AND UCSD? I was told that community college grades matter the most, and that i will most likey get into uc berkeley and ucsd with my gpa . Im not sure what will happen to my grades in Canada since its a foreign country. What are your thoughts?</p>

<p>You will need to report the Canadian University attendance, coursework and grades. If you had "repeated" the courses you failed at the CCC, the UCs technically should take off the failed grades from GPA calculation (assuming the courses are comparable).</p>