Are my college options limited now?

<p>I'm an 8th grader in a NYC public school, and I recently received an 88 on the Integrated Algebra regents and a 98 on the Spanish I proficiency..Will this ruin my chances of getting into, let's say Princeton??
I'm going to a private school next year (high school) and the school doesn't administer state regents.</p>

<p>It will have absolutely zero effect on your chances.</p>

<p>Yes, but don't worry theres always community college.</p>

<p>shut up lylest</p>

<p>You're in the 8th grade. Don't worry about this now. You've still got time.</p>

<p>^ You deserved that response. It always amazes me how so many students who are considering the most elite schools have so little common sense.</p>

<p>what do you mean common sense jersey13?</p>

what do you mean common sense jersey13?


<p>I have no idea. Never heard of it either.</p>

<li>Middle School grades don't factor into college admissions</li>
<li>One B does not kill your chances at any school</li>
<li>There are thousands upon thousands of current Princeton students who received a B sometime in high school</li>

<p>No seriously, will this look bad on my records? The 88</p>

<p>^ See post #2.</p>

<p>Yes. Besides eating and sleeping, your time from now until senior year should be devoted to only studying. Quell any temptations to take a break by reminding yourself that even a quick 5 minute break from studying will most likely kill your chances at admission to Princeton.</p>

<p>Common sense is not so common.</p>


<p>Princeton never take account of a state-standardized examination, considering the fact that Princeton is in New Jersey and is a private university.</p>

<p>You need to get biitch slapped..along with the rest of CC.</p>

<p>okay well the sarcasm isn't funny.
but my math teacher almost beat me up.</p>

<p>^ He probably beat you up for having absolutely no common sense.</p>



<p>yes your doomed to suny potsdam and the rest of those hippy schools with a score like that why even try anymore</p>

<p>Perhaps Rhythm is a troll. Or am I being too hopeful? :/</p>