Are my ECs too "scattered"?

<p>Sooo I do a lot of things. And I'm pretty committed to everything. But recently I discovered this godforsaken website, and suddenly I am concerned that my extracurriculars are too scattered/a laundry list (are you impressed with my aptitude for college confidential lingo?). I swear this website is going to be the reason for my hair prematurely greying xD</p>

<p>Here's stuff I do</p>

<p>Environment/bio (sorta my thing)- env club at school (leadership), volunteering with city env education coordinator, lots of events and stuff, environment themed science fair (state level project every year), science olympiad (environmental subjects usually haha - i place and stuff), i'm going to enter YES next year and i have an environment related project in mind :P, environmental summer program, bio state gov program</p>

<p>Spanish/language - superior at lots of competitions, national spanish exam gold, 3rd in state, etc, Spanish club (leadership), tutoring in spanish, nshs (leadership), immigration lawyer internship one summer~ (translated spanish), ESL teacher (interpret for spanish students), teach english to koreans students XD; speak 4 languages (well one is ehhh still learning)</p>

<p>Government/Law - mock trial! (leadership, attorney, etc etc), city youth council, state superindents council, county superindents council, immigration lawyer internship mentioned above, state student bar association XD</p>

<p>random other things: president/founder of city chapter of nonprofit organization that sends books to other countriesss, beta/nhs (haha just member)...yearbook staff (editor stuff)</p>

<p>Erm. Is this a giant laundry list? i never felt like this was pushing it until i look at it in retrospect. like...i just did the stuff i wanted to. i never thought about whether it looked scattered or stupid. Thanks CC (oh! there i go with that college confidential slang again!)</p>

<p>i'm not asking about the QUALITY of my ecs. more so...whether it looks like i'm just another neurotic asian trying to wheedle my way into an ivy so i can bring honor to my family. because i'm nottttt, trust.</p>

<p>THAT BEING SAID, i am aiming for an ivy or a good scholarship (haaaah)</p>


<p>I was all ready to be like "Of COURSE this is a laundry list--slash and burn, find your passion!" But your activities are all pursued at a high level (except for yearbook staff and NHS). Northstarmom has said she's only interviewed one kid who was truly, honest-to-god wellrounded, but you may very well be such a kid. Just avoid piling on any other obligations. You seem genuinely interested in and happy with all of your activities, and while they're not necessarily extraordinary, they're certainly pursued to moderate levels of achievement and, most importantly, you enjoy them. </p>

<p>Whether they're HYPyaddayadda quality, I can't say. But you're not burnt out and you don't resent them--in fact, you enjoy them, which is more than a lot of kids, Intel winners and prize-winning novelists included, can say--so, hey, more power to ya!</p>

<p>They fall into three major categories, which makes it easy to determine where your extracurricular interests truly lie. They're not "scattered" in any way; don't worry :)</p>

<p>Yea, it seems you are well accomplished in every area you're interested in. Keep doing what you're doing and the rest will fall into place. </p>

<p>P.S. To be blunt, no, I don't see any laundry list :D</p>

<p>i have another question. if i think i have too many ECs, would it be wise to leave some irrelevant ones off my app? i'm already pretty sure i'm going to leave beta/nhs off. do you think any others are worth leaving off?</p>