Are my essay ideas too ordinary/cliche?

<p>I'm applying to colleges this fall and have been thinking about a few essays I could write:</p>

<li><p>"A story important to the background of the applicant"
This one would be about a transformation between middle school and high school. In middle school, I was failing just about every class, long hair, depressed, etc. During high school, I straightened out, talk about how it came out of the realization that I needed to be my own hero/father figure since I didn't exactly have a father figure I could look up to at that point. </p></li>
<li><p>"Describe a time when you faced failure"
Basically the opposite of "the big game" essay type, where you talk about a great victory at a sports game. I'd like to talk about the first time I played a full game of hockey and my coach's urge of me continuing to try as hard as possible despite the fact that we were definitely going to lose. I've been leaning more toward this one.</p></li>
<li><p>"Describe a place where you are most content"
Weight room, hockey rink, or classroom. I would talk about strength despite failure because each failure is still in a positive direction while staying quitting in the face of failure is not. Both this topic and the second topic will probably feature Teddy Roosevelt's "Man in the Arena" speech in some way or another (not copying in verbatim though, obviously)</p></li>

<p>What do you guys think? Which one would make for a more compelling and original essay topic?

<p>From just reading your descriptions, I think the first one would be an excellent choice. I think for someone to come to that kind of realization and to become their own father figure is an enormous display of maturity that I think colleges will enjoy. But I’m only a senior myself so only take my suggestion with a grain of salt</p>

<p>Thanks for replying! I really appreciate the feedback :)</p>

<p>I love #2…the idea of playing hard even when you know you’re going to lose is just a really powerful lesson…IMHO. </p>

<p>I would stay away from the second choice because you did not fail, the team did, You on the other hand continued to try your hardest (does not fit the prompt in my opinion). You would have to have a meaningful reason of why the hockey rink is your place where you are most content besides the fact that you play hockey. What about hockey brings joy and comfort to you? I like the first choice the most. You saw a problem and took action which is what a college wants to see.</p>

<p>@kcirtap35 no problem and @SouthernHope I like that one too lol</p>

<p>To answer your original question, in no way do I think your essay topics are clique or ordinary. Maybe if you choose the class room, but I’m sure you will be able to employ your own spin on it</p>

<p>Thanks, SouthernHope :). It is a tough lesson to learn to be able to struggle against failure rather than just immediately giving in.</p>

<p>@Lillewwy‌ Thanks for the response! I enjoy watching hockey practices, goaltenders in particular, for the same reason I would write about #2. Each goal a goaltender lets in is like a little failure, but those failures add up to something great, which is what I enjoy to see. That strength and foresight to know that those tiny failures will become great successes makes me smile. So that would be the twist I put on that. Thanks again for replying :)</p>

<p>I didn’t realize you were the goalie, which actually puts an interesting spin on the essay!</p>

<p>“Lost a sports match” essays are way overdone. I would recommend option #1.</p>