are my scores too low?

<p>i wanted to apply to caltech, but im having second thoughts.</p>

<p>i saw all these people with 2250++ on their sat 1s and i only got 2180. so im not sure if i want to apply.</p>

<p>i HATE questions like these. dont u understand that its NOT JUST THE SAT that admissions look at. they look at gpa, course load, ec's, sat2, etc....dont base ur applying decision just cuz u have lower sat scores than the average.</p>

<p>but msot peple with 2250++ have other good stats too =[</p>

<p>2180 hmmmm what does that mean. How does that number break down? Even that wouldn't tell me too much but thinking it's just one number is just a little silly...</p>

<p>If you are like 800, 800, 580 then you are fine.</p>

<p>690v, 790m, 700w</p>

<p>That's okay. People with similar scores have been known to get into Caltech not all that infrequently (espectially if science SAT II's are strong, and the rest of the application shows a passion and high aptitude in math and science).</p>

<p>erm.. right, scores arent THAT important, the most important are your essays!</p>

<p>i hope i do well on my essays then!</p>

<p>Everyone who applies to Caltech gets almost-perfect grades and high SAT scores. So you would need ways to distinguish yourself from the applicant pool in other ways if you are to stand a chance.</p>