Are normal people and abnormal people segregated?

<p>Growing up, I had some kind of mental disability. I've always noticed that I mainly make friends with disabilities. So I came up with this assumption: Most of the time, normal people make friends with and hang out with normal people and abnormal people (with a disability) make friends with and hang out with abnormal people. That's not to say that I don't make friends with normal people. There are exceptions where I can still hang out with normal people. My girlfriend also has some sort of mental disability and while I love my girlfriend with all my might, there are times that I wish I can have a girlfriend that is normal, or at least I could make a normal friend. My parents told me that my girlfriend is worse than me. She can't drive (she failed her written test 3 times) and while she graduated high school, she is going back to high school as a post-grad for one year. From then on, it is hard to tell if she is going to college or getting a job.</p>

<p>People have a natural tendency to associate more with people who are like themselves. Abnormal/normal is relative.</p>

<p>Learned in Psychology that we usually date people that we are similar to because we tend to notice the differences in each other and think "we're opposites." But if people were really opposite than each other than we wouldn't get along. That could be why you befriend all of these people that are "similar" to you and the reason you choose your girlfriend.</p>

<p>i tend to hang out with social weirdos because i can empathize with the struggles they face and i am more accepting of their shortcomings. my first boyfriend was autistic.</p>

<p>Once you get close enough to someone, even a friend, you notice how "abnormal" they are and you realize how judging the normality of something is stupid.</p>