Are October 23 ACT early scores in yet?

<p>just as the title says..i wanna see my scores early...</p>

<p>not yet... try tomorrow</p>

<p>gaaah! dangit..i cant wait another day!!</p>

<p>do you think they will have them up at 12 tonight? or no?</p>

<p>Probably not..Try early in the morning (like, after 6 AM). I'm debating if I should get mine online or not...</p>

<p>So...what is everyone expecting? (score-wise)</p>

<li>haha just kidding. i would shoot myself if i got a 10....i am expecting around a 27...although i wanted a 31-32</li>

<p>Yeah, same here...Well, expecting anything above a 27 because thats what I made last time, and I'm fantasizing about a 31-32</p>

<p>come on! lets see that 35 math, 32 english, 29 reading, 28 science!!!=31...</p>

<p>ok, now reality hits</p>

<p>come on! 29 math, 27 english, 26 reading, 24 science=27...waaah!</p>

<p>The scores are online.</p>

<p>Damn, I wanted a 35...</p>


<p>Some people at my school want to get their scores early, but the page isn't working. Is anyone else able to get through to it? Thanks.</p>

<p>i'm at home [sick] and the site won't work for me. probably can't handle a lot of people trying to access it.</p>

<p>been trying constantly, and just got this message:</p>

<p>"Due to scheduled maintenance, the Early Scores by Web service is currently unavailable. Please check back in two hours."</p>

<p>well. goody.</p>

<p>That sucks... I know mine took forever to load, and I checked my scoreds at 7 in the morning.</p>

<p>it says to check back later...does anybody have a link to get through like what happened with the SAT back in october? i realllly want my score</p>

<p>has anyone received thier score in the mail? I really want my score!</p>

<p>It will be a couple of weeks before the score gets to you in the mail.
Just think of all the money they are losing by not having their website
up to the task. If it takes them as long as it took the College Board to fix the problem with the SAT reports last month, I'll just wait a week and keep my money.</p>

<p>Someone asked about a back door like the College Board, I doubt there will be one since you have to pay and it will be a secure site and all.</p>


<p>compostie: 32. I'm really agitated though. Last time I got a 34 on math. But holy crap, 36 ON SCIENCE?!! WOAH. Was totally not expecting that! I'm still REALLY happy:):)yay!</p>