Are people nice there?

<p>I'll be transferring to UNC as a junior from California. I'm curios as to whether or not the people there, girls particularly, are nice? I'm worried that there's going to be that cliquey-ness that there was in high school. Any current students there that could lend some advice/pacify me? Are people welcoming to out-of-state transfers?</p>

<p>Yes, everybody is very welcoming. Other than greek life, I would not say that the campus is cliquey at all whatsoever. Generally, people are always open to meeting new people. There are also a few programs specifically for transfers that you may want to look into.</p>

<p>No worries ... and I'm OOS. People are VERY friendly here.</p>

<p>Yes, in general everyone is very friendly and welcoming.
However, with any big school or area you're bound to find some not nice people and I've met a few really rude people as well, but you can't expect all 20,000 to be nice. But compared to some other competitive and top ranked schools, UNC is by far the friendliest and least cut throat.</p>