Are Princeton Review practice test generally harder than the Real SAT ?

<p>Are the also harder than the practice tests from other SAT prep books. I took a barrons practice test I scored 1470-1540. I took a kaplan practice test and I scored in a similar range. When I took the Pr tests I scored a 1210 smfh!!! I was so annoyed. Are the pr test harder?</p>

<p>Well, daughter is in PR prep course now and has taken 2 of their tests administered at their testing site. She has improved, BUT is still lower (basically) then where she official is at! I also googled the same and posted a few days ago on this very topic and was told that she should take one in CB BB and see how her score is.</p>

<p>We get results of test #3 on Tues!</p>

<p>That's odd... I always thought of Barron's tests as much more difficult than the real test (and the PR tests).</p>

<p>lol not for me i scored 250-300 points higher on the barrons test</p>

<p>This situation has me so ****ed off. Since I've taken practice test and I
ve score in high 1400s to low 1500s and now I took a pr test and I scored a 1210, I really dont know where I stand.</p>

PR is the same. Barron's is more difficult than both. I don't want you to be ill-informed during the test and be shocked about the difficulty.</p>

<p>Then why did I score significantly higher on the Barron's Sat practice test?</p>

<p>wait, post your scores by section. (cr, math, writing)</p>

<p>Barrons scores and PR scores.</p>

<p>barron's sat scores
math: 400
CR: 500

<p>PR sat scores</p>

<p>math: 390
CR: 420
Writing: 400</p>

<p>hold on let me compare my barrons and PR scoring from the books.</p>

<p>How many right did you get on the barrons writing compared to the number right in the PR. I'm looking at their Scoring conversion charts, and it is significantly different.</p>

<p>I got 23 right on the Pr writing and 37 correct on the barrons.</p>

<p>sorry, is that your raw score? If not tell me your raw score (1 for every right, -1/4 for every wrong)</p>

<p>my raw score for the writing on the barron's was a 34 and on the pr it was a 15.</p>

<p>Actually, I cant figure it out. I don't think there is an issue with the scoring (well a slight variation, but nothing great.) Maybe it was a one time thing, try both again and see how it goes. Barron's is usually regarded as the toughest among the prep books (Kaplan, Princeton,BB) and Princeton tends to be easier, or similar to the real SAT.
Sorry, I couldn't get you a clear answer.</p>

<p>Well I did to the Barron's SAT practice test from the Barron's SAT 2400 cd-rom. Is that valid? Btw what was ur SAT score? just wondering</p>

<p>I hope that what happened with the pr test was a one time thing.</p>

<p>I use Barrons and usually score 700+ writing, 750+ math, and 650+reading. I'm looking to get 2200 by November. I have PR prep book and the 11 practice test book. I don't use it because i skimmed through it and the math looks very simple, not sure about the others (i rather be over prepped.)
I have the CD as well, but haven't got around to using it. IF they score for you, its legit.</p>

<p>I'm really confused. I scored in the 1400s-1500s on the barron's sat test and I scored a 1210 on the PR test. I found to PR test much more difficult. I have PR 11 practice test book. What is the likelyhood of me getting a 1700?</p>

<p>I have no clue where I stand, in terms of SAT performance.</p>