Are recommendation letters supposed to be signed across the flop?

<p>At my school, some teachers give it back to us to mail it. And these letters are signed across the flop. However, the one my counselor did, she mailed it herself, and she doesn't sign the flop. Is that a problem with consistency, so i should tell her to sign it as well?</p>

<p>Should not be a problem.</p>

<p>i was just worried. but are they supposed to be sealed when the teachers mail them out?</p>

<p>The schools where DS applied to (two years ago) asked that all recommendations be in sealed envelopes with signature across the flap.</p>

<p>Thatsme, I am not making fun of you, but do you think it was a Freudian slip that you wrote, "across the FLOP" instead of "FLAP?" Let's hope you do not, deep down instead, think your applications will be a flop rather than a success!

<p>The standard (default) is that any recommendation that's given to the student to deliver or mail should be signed across the flap. This might also apply to letters that are sent to the GC to mail in a package. But letters that are mailed directly by the writer generally do not need to be signed across the flap.</p>