Are resumes read?

<p>Since I did not have space in the Common App to fit everything (only 7 spaces for activities, and the only "Awards/Honors" section is solely for academic awards), I attached a resume. My resume included everything I already wrote in the app, plus more. If they don't read the resume, I'm really screwed cause what I put in the actual app is very limited.<br>
Another problem is that I repeated information (a resume should include everything, right?). And, since I included info that I already mentioned, they might think that the resume is just a repeat of the app and toss it away.</p>

<p>I guess my question is: do they (I'm applying to Ivies and top schools) thoroughly read everything in the resume? If they thoroughly read, they'll know that I'm not only repeating stuff but actually adding a lot more. But if they don't thoroughly read, they'll think that the only stuff I did is what is mentioned in the app.</p>

<p>please help? this is really freaking me out. i'm considering sending another shorter version of the resume (without info already mentioned in the App) to the schools i've already applied to. that way they it's easier for them to see what i'm adding and what is in the Common App</p>

<p>help a poor soul out?</p>

<p>dude chill. why don't you put just your best in your commonapp?</p>

<p>Chillax. They read the resume. Many of my friends submitted one. </p>

<p>That's not to say that it's necessary. I got into Yale just writing about my main ECs on the Common App. I left out the myriad of less important stuff I did.</p>

<p>I think they read the resumes. Last year, some of the correspondence my daughter received after being accepted referenced things in the resume. It's a great way to explain things that admissions counselors may not be familiar with.</p>

<p>My own D refused to send in a resume. I disagreed, but....? Unless you're speaking to someone who works for that school's committe who reads resumes, no one on here can REALLY answer you. My VIEW is that there is a reason they recommend you put your best foot forward. They're gonna read the top two, three. Then they'll skim. Let's say your top 7 are all NAtional awards, then maybe they'd look to see what you considered #8 (on the resume). Are you so stellar that the 8th item is still a huge factor to be considered? If so...they'll look, they'll see it. But if it's the "orientation leader" award that your school gives to 25% of people who help out at freshman orientation...they won't care. As for "elaborating"...everyone has the same problem. There isn't much space on the Common App. If it's a KNOWN award, you won't have to elaborate. If it's a STATE Championship..those are the important words to know. They don't need a sentence to explain how the hospital where you volunteer only gives 2 of this type of award per month...ya know? PLEASE don't send another, shorter resume. I do NOT think that will benefit you in ANY Way. Luck to ya.</p>