Are SAT scores automatically sent to colleges?

<p>Hey all!</p>

<p>I'm wondering if SAT scores are automatically sent to colleges? </p>

<p>SAT</a> Score Availability - SAT Score Delivery Calendar</p>

<p>There is a column that says "Sent to colleges beginning." That's why I'm wondering. </p>


<p>You have to tell College Board which schools to send them to - it’s part of the registration process. They don’t automatically send them to every college in the country, that wouldn’t make sense (and would your really want that)?</p>

<p>If you list a college as one to receive scores in your test application (such as your four free sends) the test score will automatically be sent to the college when scores are released and College Board will also send at the same time all prior SAT and SAT subject test scores you have taken unless you exercise score choice by unchecking one or more of those prior tests in your test registration. </p>

<p>You are not required to list any colleges in your test application and if you don’t list any, no scores will be sent to any colleges. You can choose instead to wait to send scores after they come out. However, those are not free sends and you must pay a fee and last I looked it was $12 per college to send them.</p>

<p>Say I wanted to take another SAT early next year. When those come out, will I have an option whether to send those or today’s (May 4) scores?</p>

<p>SAT is not like ACT, so the colleges will be able to see all of your test history. However, if the colleges you are applying for say it’s okay, you can make a superscore out of them. If not, you can just submit your highest score as an official score, but no matter what, the colleges will be able to see all of your test scores as I already mentione</p>

<p>Hold on, colleges can see ALL of my previous SAT’s and what scores I received on each of them? Even the exams that I did not send in?</p>

<p>Colleges have two ways of getting all your SAT test scores:</p>

<li><p>You order a score sent by College Board and you do not exercise score choice to prevent prior scores from being sent. CB’s default position is to send all scores it has for you anytime you order any score sent unless you exercise score choice and designate scores not to be sent.</p></li>
<li><p>Your high school is like many that puts all your scores on your official high school transcript that it sends to colleges to which you apply. You should find out whether yours does before deciding whether to exercise score choice with CB.</p></li>

<p>There are many colleges that require you to send all SAT scores and thus you are not supposed to exercise score chance when you send scores to those colleges.</p>

<p>You either do score choice to pick specific test date score, or send everything. There is an additional charge for score choice while many schools require all scores disregarding superscoring or not.</p>