Are SAT Subject tests valued in 2022

SAT Subjects tests have been discontinued in the US, but are still available in International countries. I want to know if taking the Subject tests in June 2021 will be considered instead of the AP exams for the 2022 admissions as an Indian Student.

AP tests are not expected, especially if the school does not offer the course.

The value of Subjects Tests will be minimal or, depending on the college, not considered.

But based on previous posts, you already have 3 800’s. Or did you make that up?

If AP tests are not expected, and Subject test values are minimal, what should I do.
And I said I had 3 800s because I wanted to know my chances if I had those scores (based on practice tests my score was close to an 800)

If the three tests are m2, phys and chem they aren’t really that helpful because perfect scores are so common. It sounds nice but they offer little to differentiate applicants for top schools. I think close to 1/4 of test takers gets an 800 on M2. Physics isn’t much better at around 1/6.

Read this for starters. While written by an MIT AO, it applies to all colleges at that level.

I believe the UC System is no longer accepting SAT Subject Tests. Not sure about other public systems or private universities.

Submitting three 800s will be better than not submitting anything, other than schools who say they absolutely don’t consider them.

But I wouldn’t count on them being a substantial differentiator.

So is writing the AP exam compulsory now?

I believe SAT subject tests have been discontinued permanently.

Sorry, I just reread the original post. Didn’t know they’d be offered internationally.

No. Refer to my earlier post.

You seem to be stuck in the idea of taking tests. Taking tests is not the primary way that US colleges admit students. If you’ve taken the ACT or SAT then you have all you need. Maybe you need TOEFL if English is not your primary language - check the requirements at schools that you are interested in. But stop focusing on trying to take more tests.

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No, every student has the option of taking or not taking an AP exam, just like they did for a Subject Tests.

I thought that either the Subject or the AP exams were compulsary.

They are not for US universities, but are required for many UK unis.

For where/what schools? In general no, but everyone here is not familiar with the admissions policy of every global university.

Do you have a specific school’s admissions requirement you are looking to satisfy?