are SATs that important?

<p>I don't know....I just started to have doubts about the importance of SAT scores.</p>

<p>Of course I'm pretty much convinced that APs are not that important so do them only if you like them and have spare time.
But really, are SATs that important?
Does 2350 + score really boost up your chances of admission?
Cus I've seen so many Asians with perfect GPAs and 2350+ scores and impeccable extracurricular activities get rejected by top-tier schools.
So yeah. What do you guys think?</p>

<p>Do I think the SAT is an important factor in admissions? Yes. I believe most data released by colleges will show that an increase in SAT/ACT scores yields a higher percentage of acceptances. But do I think that the SAT is the ONLY factor in admissions? No. Obviously if the only thing you have to show for yourself in your application is a high SAT score, then the odds of getting into top-tier schools is low. Perhaps this is the case for your Asian friends (whose high scores, by the way, probably weren't as impressive because they were Asian).</p>

<p>Lets see...</p>

<p>SAT scores for me are extremely important. I am international student though. When I ask about SAT they told me that the 50% to take an financial aid from the top universities depends on SAT.</p>

<p>Let me tell you something. SAT exams and EC's are not everything. Top universities seek for a student who will inspire them not only a student who reading. A student who have opinion and he/she is considered about problems in his/her community or country and further. Be active and not only a good student. A person who will motivate the others and he/she is unique.</p>



<p>SAT scores won't make you, but they very much can break you.</p>

<p>hey, I have a question. How legit is this:
Academic</a> Index3 - College Confidential</p>

<p>Background info:
The</a> Academic Index - Ivy League Admissions Key? - College Confidential</p>

<p>I'm in the school of thought that thinks it is not legit. What about kids who take the ACT? Then this formula doesn't work for them. For that reason I don't really think it is used much if at all.</p>

<p>^^the last time I checked, they are no longer being used. </p>

<p>Back to the original question: yes, the SAT/ACT is important. For almost all colleges, standardized test scores are as important as your GPA for all four years of high school.</p>

<p>for example:</p>

<p>a 90 gpa student with a 2200 is better than a 95 gpa student with a 1900</p>

<p>Considering both applicants are unhooked etc.</p>

<p>so the Academic Index is no longer used? Is there any proof of that?</p>

<p>I think it is still in use, but the example ones offered on this site are just that, examples. They probably vary from college to college.</p>

<p>it's important, and it can give you a much, much better boost since every school varies in their grading (like some may use grade inflation). Plus. most applicants will have a high gpa..but not many with a high SAT....</p>

<p>It also helps weed out students @ larger schools and top schools. But really, it depends where you apply because all parts of your application matter since many schools will review them with a hollistic approach.</p>

<p>@ViggyRam: Actually, I've only heard that from other CC members, not from any more legitimate source :p. In any case, those with lower academic index are so often admitted over those with higher ones because of holistic admissions that take into account geographic region, ECs, and so many other factors that the index has pretty much become, well, kind of obsolete.</p>

<p>The academic index isn't the only factor taken into account in the admissions process, but it is a convenient way of giving an "academic rating" to applicants. It's much easier to plug in numbers and give each applicant a number with which they can be compared to other applicants than having to constantly look back and forth between GPA's, SAT's, etc. Basically, it's a quick summary of an applicants academic standing, which can then be used in addition to other parts of the application.</p>

<p>^I agree. Besides the fact that the index cannot take into account the difference in course rigors and grading inflation at different high schools, it does present a good way for applicants to judge their own "academic rating".</p>

<p>See, my Academic Index is really, really low simply because my school will only rank with quintiles. So even though I'm in the top quintile, I have a low AI.</p>

<p>^hmm, how much does it affect you? What is your AI with the quintile ranking and then with what you think your actual rank is? How big is the gap?</p>

<p>yes they are.</p>