Are scores on the Collegeboard SAT book tests accurate?

<p>I have practiced countless times from the college board's SAT Study guide and I am wondering if the scores I receive on each individual section are indicative of possible scores I may receive.</p>

<p>I do indeed practice with the time constraints for each section. I am concerned however with the possibility that the test may be more confusing or difficult come test day.</p>

<p>It is known, to a certain extent, that Collegeboard makes the practice tests harder than the real exam but they should be about good enough as a predictor of your scores.</p>

<p>do they really make the practice tests harder? i have heard otherwise.</p>

<p>are you talking about the question difficulty in themselves, or the scaling?</p>

<p>yes...i think so. I'm going about this because i have heard someone on this thread say the same thing. Or maybe im talking about the practice tests on the online course.</p>

<p>yup pretty accurate</p>

<p>The tests in BB (i.e., blue book first edition) and most of the tests in BB2 (i.e., blue book second edition) are made up of questions from old SATs, but are not actual SATs, so it is difficult to compare them directly to actual SATs (this is why you get a range of scores when you are done). It is an even bigger stretch to say that the practice tests are made deliberately harder (why would the CB do this?).</p>

<p>For best accuracy of results, you can use the first three tests in BB2, along with the three official practice tests (all real SATs).</p>