Are subscores taken into consideration when applying for a specific major?

<p>I am curious to whether or not subscores are taken into consideration when applying to a specific major. For example, I received a 36 on my science on the ACT with a 33 composite and plan on majoring in something science related. Would they prefer my score over a student who received higher composite score (by a point or two) but a lower science score?</p>

<p>I realize with my specific situation there isn't a lot of wiggle-room with the scores, but I'm still curious.</p>

<p>Yes, subscores are often considered but ones that will likely be considered more important are math and English rather than science, and math in particular for engineering and science majors. Though that sounds counterintuitive, it is true for a number of schools. To give an example, two engineering schools, Gtech and Rose Hulman, do not even consider the science, reading and composite score for admission but only the math and English scores.</p>